DYNVIM released analog ultrasound machines whose full volume varies from 2L/0.53Gal to 30L/7.92Gal.  Especially, DYNVIM’s analog ultrasonic cleaners can also be classified as ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, ultrasonic gun cleaner, ultrasonic carburetor cleaner etc.

Analog Ultrasound Machines’ Key Features:

First, 40KHz for intensive cavitation rinse;

Second, Die-casting SUS304 stainless steel tank;

Third, Free time setting among 1~30min;

Fourth, 68~176°F/20~80°C heating range to degrease and dewax;

Fifth, Industrial grade integrated circuit;

Sixth, Classic analog controller with a long service-life.

Analog Ultrasound Machines’ Applications:

Based on the above key features, DYNVIM’s analog ultrasonic cleaners has an extensive application range. Especially, they can clean any hard small stuffs with complicated surfaces.

Firstly, it can clean sundry jewelries, for instance, silver, gold, rings, earrings, diamonds, gems, necklaces, brackets, coins etc.

Secondly, it can clean small hard parts, such as,  retainer, bike chain, brass etc.

Thirdly, it can clean precise components and parts, e.g. watch parts etc.

Fourthly, it can clean small daily necessities, for examples, glasses, eyeglasses, razor blades etc.

Fifthly, it can clean sundry tools, such as, pliers, scissors etc.


Here are some tips for choose the appropriate analog ultrasonic cleaner:

Firstly, if the cleaned stuffs are very small, such as jewelries, please choose 2L or 3L analog ultrasonic cleaner.

Secondly, if the cleaned stuffs are moderate, for instance, gun or pistol, please choose 3L, 6L, or 10L analog ultrasonic cleaner.

Thirdly, if the cleaned stuff is vinyl record, please choose 3L, 6L, 10L, 15L, 22L or 30L analog ultrasonic cleaner. As to details, please refer to the following details. Generally, 3L analog ultrasonic cleanr can clean 7in and 8in vinyl record. In addition, 6L, 10L, 15L models can clean 10in viny record. Moreover, it’s recommended to choose 22L and 30L models to clean 12in vinyl record.

Fourthly, if the cleaned stuffs are a little big, for example, carburetor, please choose 15L, 22L or 30L analog ultrasonic cleaner.

For other prefessional advices, please contact our salesman online.


Compared with analog ultrasonic cleaners, DYNVIM’s digital ultrasonic cleaners have more precise control of temperature and time. For instance, firstly, analog ultrasonic cleaners’ heating range is 20~80°C, i.e. 68~176°F. While, digital ultrasonic cleaners‘ heating range is 32~176°F, i.e. 0~80°C. Secondly, analog ultrasonic cleaners’ time setting range is among 1~30min. Where as, digital ultrasonic cleaners‘ time setting range is among 1~99min. Thirdly, since digital ultrasonic cleaners have a digital controller of high-precision. The preset value can be set or changed more precisely.