After researching feedbacks of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners on Amazon, DYNVIM released its 0.9L  ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Jewelry Cleaner’s Key Features:

DYNVIM’s 900ml ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has the following key features:

First, 42KHz for intensive cavitation rinse.

Second, 0.9L/0.24Gal full volume

Third, 0.7L/0.18Gal effective volume.

Fourth, Die-casting SUS304 stainless steel tank.

Fifth, 18 time setting among 90s~30min.

Sixth, Degas mode for removing ultrasonic fatigue.

Jewelry Cleaner’s Applications:

Based on the above features, DYNVIM’s 900ml ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can clean any hard small stuffs with complicated surfaces.

Firstly, it can clean sundry jewelries, for instance, silver, gold, rings, earrings, diamonds, gems, necklaces, brackets, coins etc.

Secondly, it can clean small hard parts, such as,  retainer, bike chain, brass etc.

Thirdly, it can clean precise components and parts, e.g., watch parts etc.

Fourthly, it can clean small daily necessities, for examples, glasses, eyeglasses, razor blades etc.

Fifthly, it can clean sundry small tools, such as, pliers, scissors etc.

Since the tank length of 600~800ml ultrasonic jewelry cleaners in the market is less than 155mm or 6.10in, they can not be used to clean any small stuffs longer than 155mm or 6.10in, for example, some big eyeglasses. However, DYNVIM 900ml jewelry cleaner has a longer tank. And the length of the tank is 168mm, i.e. 6.61inch. Therefore,  DYNVIM 900ml jewelry cleaner can clean any small stuffs which are not longer than 168mm or 6.61inch, for example, almost all kinds of big eyeglasses.


Since this device does not have heating function, it can not heat to dewax and degrease. However, DYNVIM also has small portable ultrasonic jewelry cleaners with heating function. Especially, they can be classified as analog ultrasonic cleaner series or digital ultrasonic cleaner series. For instance,  2L , 3L analog ultrasonic cleaner, and 2L, 3L digital ultrasonic cleaner are popular small heated ultrasonic jewelry cleaners.